How to Transfer Data between Samsung Phones?

How to Transfer Data between Samsung Phones

So, you have bought a new Samsung Galaxy device and are wondering how to transfer your data from the old one? Well, we too have been in the same position a few years back! Hence, today, we have taken the pains to show you 4 best tricks/methods to transfer data between Samsung phones. Let’s get … Read more

What is a Trapezium?

What is a Trapezium

Different shapes are commonly used in the construction, creation, and measurement of many objects. Trapezium is one of the most prevalent shapes. When sketched on paper, it is a two-dimensional form that represents a table. A trapezium can be found in a glass of water, a table lamp, a flower pot, a boat, and other … Read more

How to Copy a CD to Another CD Using Windows 7?

How to Copy a CD to Another CD Using Windows 7

As you know, there are a plethora of free tools available that can be used to overwrite practically any CD or DVD you may possess. Personally, I like to work with the two free software: Ashampoo Burning Studio and ImgBurn, both of which have a long track record of being reliable. Nero 8 and Nero … Read more

How to Play an External Hard Drive on a DVD Player?

How to Play an External Hard Drive on a DVD Player

DVD players can be distinguished by their design, structural layout, and functional capabilities. Any DVD player is capable of playing discs other than DVD-Video discs. At the very least, the gadget will be capable of playing music CDs. MP3 audio files recorded on CD-R or DVD-R discs, as well as their rewritable equivalents (CD-RW and … Read more

Why is a 128GB SSD better than a 1TB Hard Disk?

Why is a 128GB SSD better than a 1TB Hard Disk

Nowadays, the fashion of SSDs are growing day by day. Thus, the conventional storage means- the hard disk is growing old! SSDs have numerous benefits over a conventional hard drive and speed is the primary one. Moreover, nowadays, be it laptops or assembled PCs, both come pre-configured with an SSD. So, what is it that … Read more

How to Open the Flash Drive?

How to Open the Flash Drive

You recently purchased a new computer that came pre-loaded with Windows. while you are accustomed to prior versions, the new interface of Microsoft’s operating system almost took you by surprise. Because you want to learn how to open a Flash Drive so that you may access the documents you require. you’re seeking for a guide … Read more

How to transfer iPhone photos to your computer?

How to transfer iPhone photos to your computer

With the help of Apple’s iTunes software, you can easily download images from your iPhone to your computer and save them on your PC. However, if you are unable to utilise iTunes due to the fact that your iPhone may only be linked to iTunes on a single computer at a time, there are a … Read more

How to Start a Group Facetime Call?

How to Start a Group Facetime Call

With FaceTime, you can video contact your friends, family, and co-workers in one of the most secure ways possible. Using FaceTime, you can conduct group FaceTime conversations with up to 32 individuals if everyone has an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. We’ll go over everything you need to know about how to start Group … Read more

How to connect iGear Bluetooth Keyboard? Everything you should know!

How to Connect iGear Bluetooth Keyboard

About the Keyboard In a press release, iGear, an Indian gadgets and smartphone accessories company, announced the official release of the DualConnect Wireless Multi-Device Keyboard. A wireless Bluetooth keyboard for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smart TVs, the iGear DualConnect is a great addition to your device. The iGear DualConnect Keyboard retails for Rs 2175 on … Read more