iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 12 prices in India dropped after iPhone 14 launch

Apple drops the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 was smaller than normal, and iPhone 12 cost in India.

The iPhone 13 sees a Rs 10,000 cost drop from its send-off cost, and iPhone 12 gets a Rs 20,000 cost drop.

Apple discontinued the iPhone 12 mini after iPhone 14 series debut.

The iPhone 13 currently begins at Rs 69,900 for the base 128GB model, trailed by Rs 79,900 for 256GB unit, and Rs 99,900 for 512GB variation

The iPhone 13 small scale presently retails at Rs 64,900 for the 128GB model, Rs 74,900 for 256GB unit, and Rs 94,900 for 512GB variation.

The new iPhone 12 cost in India begins at Rs 59,900 for the base 64GB model, Rs 64,900 for the 128GB unit and Rs 74,900 for the 256GB variation.

Apple suspended the iPhone 12 as smaller than normal after the iPhone 14 series send-off, and the iPhone 13 little is the main scaled-down iPhone model authoritatively accessible to buy.