Is a PS4 Still Worth Buying In 2022?

Current-gen consoles have been out for almost a year and a half, so you might wonder if a PS4 is still worth buying in 2022

After all, the PS5 can do anything the PS4 can and more.

We’ll take a look at what reasons, if any, there would be to buy a PS4 right now.

There are two conditions in which it’s worth it to buy a PS4 in 2022:

– You can’t find a PS5, and you haven’t owned a PS4. – You get a really good deal.

The only way it’s worth it to buy a PS4 in 2022 is if you can find a good deal on a PS4 Pro.

Sellers on eBay have some decent deals on refurbished models as of writing

So it shouldn’t be too hard to find one that works for you. Otherwise, we’d just save our money for a PS5.