Oppo Enco X2 Review

oppo has made a propensity for astounding individuals with its items throughout the course of recent years, and we are explicitly discussing its sound items like the Enco X series.

Oppo has kept the plan part of the Enco X2 like its ancestor.

You have the fundamental AirPods-like plan with the long stem that conveys the buds.

The charging case additionally has been immaculate, and the oval shape conveys the headphones, for charging and conveying reason.

The buds are not difficult to wear and offer adequate solace with the goal that you can wear them for extended periods of time.

Enco X2 weighs around 4.7 grams for each bud and the charging case comes at 47 grams.

Oppo has made sure that you never feel like the Enco X2 is missing some features.

You likewise have IP54 rating which makes these tiny headphones residue and water safe.

Oppo Enco X2 as entire gives you 57mAh battery for the headphones, and you can add another 566mAh with the charging case.