The Future Of Gaming Audio Is Sony’s Tempest 3D Technology

With nothing more than a set of headphones, every PS5 owner can enjoy stunning hardware-accelerated simulated spatial 3D audio in their games.

You may hear spatialized audio on everything from older stereo and surround tracks in PS4 games

To full dynamic 3D audio objects in the most recent PS5 games by simply turning on the appropriate setting in the PS5’s menu.

This is the way it should be. In modern PS5 games, Tempest 3D audio truly comes to life with full verticality and depth

Just plug in your favorite pair and go. Tempest is powered by an extra AMD GPU compute unit located within the PS5 hardware.

It accelerates sound decompression, and places audio all around you in a sphere of a thousand different virtual locations.

Microsoft was the first company to launch a free virtual headphone audio system on game consoles with 2017’s Windows Spatial Audio platform on Xbox One.

Windows Spatial Audio sounded amazing during its initial beta period, and it worked on both special 3D-encoded games

Sony’s Tempest 3D has no such problems. Toggle it on, and it works perfectly on all games.

Every game that runs on PS5 sounds wonderful with Tempest turned on, with properly-located surround effects.

Sony went from charging people for 3D headphone sound access to quietly giving away the best version of it to every owner of their console. I love it.