The Quarry’ Is Every Horror Fan’s Dream Video Game: Review

Supermassive's newest video game blurs the line between gaming and cinema — but the horror is all there.

It isn’t just prestige television series that want to be thought of as “like a 10-hour movie.

For years now, video games have sought to become more cinematic by focusing as much on narrative as they do on interactivity.

This often doesn’t work — if the story isn’t there, long cutscenes interrupting actual gameplay can be more tedious than immersive.

Some purists would even argue that the medium undermines itself by trying to imitate another.

Movies are meant to be watched, video games are meant to be played and never the twain shall meet.

“The Quarry” still manages to feel life-or-death even when it isn’t

It’s not until the credits roll that you realize you were often in less danger than you thought.

That, too, is a hallmark of horror. We like scary movies because they raise our pulse and tempt us to look away from the screen even though we’re perfectly safe on the other side of it.