The Video Game Recession Is On The Way

The video gaming industry witnessed a tremendous, almost unprecedented growth during the COVID-19 pandemic

Thanks to the audience that was looking to overcome the boredom and social distancing imposed by the lockdowns.

Even non-gamers began playing games.

According to CNBC, new reports from Ampere Analysis, a market-leading data

With the rising cost of living expenses and the increased chance of another global recession.

Considering that the gaming industry saw massive growth during the pandemic

The market has created a wider user base, which makes it more susceptible to economic pressure.

The global recession might drag the gaming market down as well, effectively creating a video game recession

Before the video game recessions, the industry enjoyed a period of massive economic growth during the lockdowns

Which nearly doubled its GDP, jumping from $95 billion in 2015 to $191 billion in 2021.